Address by President Ignazio Cassis, Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA - Check against delivery.

Rednerin/Redner: Cassis Ignazio; Departementsvorsteher, Ignazio Cassis

Prime Minister
State Secretary,

Dear guests, dear members of the business community,
Ласкаво просимо, welcome to the Economic Forum: Private Sector and Recovery.

It is an honour to be here with you today at the Economic Forum hosted by State Secretary Ineichen-Fleisch, and co-organised with our Ukrainian Partners.

I am pleased to see many representatives of the Ukrainian government, international delegations, representatives from both our business communities, international executives, as well as members of the Swiss Parliament.

This is a testament to our close economic and political relations, and to the global solidarity, and especially European solidarity, for our Ukrainian neighbour.

This conference marks the start of efforts to launch the recovery process. We just set out the principles for recovery in the Lugano Declaration with President Zelenskyy. It is an important milestone.

The process of recovery, which will require the involvement of multiple stakeholders and the private sector, has an important role to play.

Today, we have the opportunity to think about and discuss how the private sector can participate in the recovery process and create an environment for new investment.

This conference was organised for and with Ukraine. It is about Ukraine’s recovery, its opportunities, its reform process and the various challenges that lie ahead.

The Economic Forum is an integral part of the conference, because recovery, security, reforms and a functioning economy go hand in hand. We need a joint effort between governments, civil society, the civilian population, academia, and of course, the private sector.

I am convinced that business has a vital role to play in the coordinated, efficient and long-term success of reconstruction efforts that will lead to enduring security and prosperity for the country and its people.

Despite manifold challenges, there are investment opportunities in Ukraine.
Our dear Ukrainian colleagues will give you important insights into the current conditions in the country and help you to understand the country’s needs, priorities and cooperation modalities with business.

Further investment opportunities and the role business could play in the recovery process in four chosen fields will be presented.

Business representatives from all over Europe and other continents came here to participate in this forum, to engage in the recovery of Ukraine and to seek and create investment opportunities in Ukraine. We need courageous people like you – ladies and gentlemen.

Brave investors and entrepreneurs who are ready to rebuild and ready to create new opportunities in a challenging environment.

I congratulate you on your willingness to help and on your courage. Reconstruction, rebuilding is easier with friends.
Thank you all for being here.

I am confident that this fruitful exchange will move Ukraine forward. I am hopeful that Ukraine’s economy will flourish.

In closing, let me thank you State Secretary and your team, for hosting this Economic Forum Private Sector and Recovery event, and let me also thank the Joint Chamber of Commerce and our Ukrainian Partners for bringing us together for this Forum.

Now, let me handover to Prime Minister Schmyhal.

Thank you!

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