The FDFA awards mandates to contractors with subject-matter expertise, such as aid agencies, specialised institutions and private companies, for the implementation of specific projects and programmes, including those in the area of international cooperation (development cooperation, cooperation with Eastern Europe and humanitarian aid). By offering additional specialised skills, the contractors help ensure that the FDFA is able to fulfil its constitutional mandate.


The information platform about FDFA mandates, in particular the "Planned mandates" section, has undergone a number of changes. From now on, in this section you will find service mandates below CHF 230,000 for which you may submit an offer within a specified time limit. Qualified professionals who believe they fulfil the qualifying criteria described in the attached specifications may submit a firm offer. This offer will be assessed and the decision to accept it or not will then be communicated. In order to make the bidding process genuinely competitive, the amount budgeted will no longer appear under "Planned mandates"; the value of the contract will however continue to feature in the "Awarded mandates" section.

Last update 16.02.2022

  • In this section you can find the legal requirements governing the awarding of mandates, including threshold values, information on offers and rates policies, the requirements for experts and the fields of operation to which they are assigned.

  • List of planned mandates of the FDFA: As a qualified specialist, you can communicate your interest in a project via the contact function.

  • In this section you can find a list of mandates awarded in the last 30 days

  • In this section, contractors and recipients of contributions can find useful information and the documents they require in connection with a mandate.

  • The FDFA Language Service provides its services for the entire department and has a wide network of freelance translators.


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