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The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) SwissCommunity represents and defends the interests of the Fifth Switzerland in Switzerland and internationally. SwissCommunity informs the Swiss Abroad online and with the magazine "Swiss Review" and advises on relevant topics. With its youth offers, the online community and the Swiss clubs, SwissCommunity encourages the connection of the Swiss Abroad with each other and with Switzerland.

The picture shows some members of the Council of the Swiss Abroad.
The Council of the Swiss Abroad during a voting session. © OSA

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad SwissCommunity is a politically and denominationally neutral, independent foundation.

10% of our country's population lives outside its borders, and the Swiss diaspora is spread across all continents. It is multilingual, multicultural and forms a mosaic that contributes to the impact of Switzerland abroad. It is therefore essential that Swiss people around the world maintain a strong connection to Switzerland and to each other.

SwissCommunity is dedicated to this challenge with conviction and focuses on four main duties: To inform, network, represent and advise the Swiss Abroad.

The four main duties


SwissCommunity informs Swiss nationals about what is happening in Switzerland and about all matters that directly affect them.

To accomplish this task, SwissCommunity has a website and a community platform in four languages and sends out a newsletter. The " Swiss Review ", the independent magazine, also informs about 400,000 Swiss households worldwide and in several languages, in Italian with the "Gazzetta Svizzera". Finally, SwissCommunity actively communicates via social media.


SwissCommunity offers a wide range of services and events to maintain and strengthen the connection between the Swiss Abroad and their home country.

The youth offers, such as the sport and leisure camps in Switzerland, enable young Swiss Abroad to get to know their old home country and each other. At the online congress, young people can network with each other and represent their interests regardless of their location.

At the annual Congress of the Swiss Abroad, around 400 people from 40 countries around the world meet in Switzerland and exchange views on relevant topics. The Council of the Swiss Abroad, the parliament of the Fifth Switzerland, meets at this event and two other times a year and is committed to networking and representing the interests of all Swiss Abroad.

Outside Switzerland, there are over 650 Swiss clubs and associations that maintain and strengthen ties with the homeland.

The online platform “SwissCommunity” brings Swiss people abroad and associations together digitally. Exchanging experiences, finding members and associations nearby, sharing events and other opportunities strengthen the connection of the Fifth Switzerland.


SwissCommunity defends the interests of the approximately 800,000 Swiss citizens abroad.

The Council of the Swiss Abroad is the organisation's supreme body and is made up of 140 members. The Swiss authorities recognise the Council of the Swiss Abroad as the mouthpiece of the Fifth Switzerland.

The Swiss Abroad parliamentary group is an important link to the Swiss Parliament. It comprises almost 80 members from Swiss politics who represent the interests of the Fifth Switzerland in parliament.

Among the major political successes of SwissCommunity are the introduction of the "Swiss Abroad Act" and the right to vote by post in federal elections for Swiss citizens living abroad.

Current priorities are e-voting and e-government, as well as the free movement of persons in the European Union. SwissCommunity also encourages the Swiss Abroad to register to vote so that they can participate in the political debate and make their voices heard.


SwissCommunity provides free advice to the Swiss Abroad, as well as to those who wish to emigrate or return.

Whether it's about health insurance, AHV/IV contributions, citizenship, exercising political rights, an education, military service or other legal and administrative questions: SwissCommunity is there to provide competent advice and support for current and future Swiss Abroad. SwissCommunity is also the point of contact for financial questions and fund contributions.

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