Submission of offer

The form for submitting your offer for the upcoming mandate is required in all cases, and is to be submitted on the basis of the information already known by the competent operational organisational unit. A complete offer includes all costs that are to be expected, incl. fees, meals and accommodation, travel expenses, cost of materials and further outlays, incl. VAT if applicable. To find out the current rates for lump-sum meal allowances and the reference prices for accommodation costs in the country of assignment, please get in touch with your contact at the FDFA.


The invoicing for the contractually agreed expenditures takes place with the help of the expense account form. Information can be found in the general terms and conditions, where you will also find a description of the legal basis for mandates. As of 4 July 2012, it has been possible to submit invoices to the FDFA in the form of e-bills.

Standardisation of flight classes

Contractors generally travel in economy class regardless of the distance covered.

This regulation is based on article 24 para 2 of the FDFA directive on contracts and certain treaties of 1 September 2013.

Last update 27.03.2023


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