Field of action 3: Innovation

Major technological advances offer opportunities to rethink and optimise working methods in the field of humanitarian demining. Switzerland promotes the consistent application of international demining standards and their further development in the face of particular challenges, such as the contamination of urban areas. It also advocates the use of new technologies that make humanitarian demining more effective and efficient.

Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining

The Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD), founded in Geneva on 28 April 1998, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2023. The centre is the result of a Swiss initiative and is committed to reducing the risks posed by explosive ordnance. Its focus lies on landmines, cluster munitions and ammunition stockpiles. The GICHD plays a key role in the ongoing development and implementation of International Mine Action Standards. The Centre contributes to the development and professionalisation of the sector. The GICHD supports around 40 affected states and territories every year. In 2023, the Swiss Parliament approved the 2024-2027 credit for the three Geneva centres (GCSP, GICHD, DCAF). Switzerland currently finances the GICHD with around CHF 9.5 million per year through this framework credit and contributes approximately 50% of the Centre's budget.

Interview with GICHD Director Stefano Toscano

GICHD Innovation Conference 2023, 14-16 November 2023

Switzerland also supports GICHD events to promote networking between research, industry and mine action organisations as well as the development of joint solutions. In 2023, the centre organised the GICHD Innovation Conference in Geneva for the first time with Swiss support. It brought together over 300 participants from more than 200 organisations to discuss innovative approaches to key topics, including demining standards, innovative financing, ammunition management and agricultural land release. The conference successfully brought together a global community committed to improving the lives of affected people and ensuring the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of those working in mine action and munitions management.

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