Before the return flight to Switzerland: pictures and impressions from all continents

A table as a check-in counter, a tent as a waiting hall, bus convoys as a means of transport to the airport: in times of the coronavirus, imagination and improvisation are often called for until Swiss travellers are on the charter plane that takes them back to Switzerland. Pictures and videos from all continents bear witness to the commitment of all those involved to make the FDFA's repatriation Action a success story.


#flyinghome in pictures

#flyinghome is the largest repatriation action of Swiss nationals in history. Following the coronavirus epidemic, the FDFA has enabled thousands of citizens to return home. Discover the images and impressions from airports all over the world.

24.04.2020 – 10.30

#flyinghome: The largest repatriation campain in Swiss history



In a video message, Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis expresses his thanks for the numerous personal messages that have reached him and the FDFA in recent weeks.

31.03.2020 – 20.00

#flyinghome: The FDFA in action for Swiss travellers around the world.

The FDFA is working intensively at its headquarters in Bern and in its representations abroad to ensure that Swiss travellers have return flight options.

COVID-19: Federal Councillor Cassis leads FDFA measures

Switzerland is active at various levels to combat COVID-19. The FDFA is carrying out its largest repatriation action to date and has brought back thousands of Swiss travellers to Switzerland. The FDFA Helpline provides advice on issues relating to Swiss nationals who are staying or living abroad. Federal Councillor Cassis is in permanent contact with all sections of the FDFA and is also informed about the measures taken by the cantons, particularly the canton of Ticino, which is particularly affected by the corona crisis.

Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis visits Ticino and brings two respirators.


17.03.2020 – 18.00

Support for Swiss nationals abroad: Federal Councillor Cassis discusses the activities in connection with COVID-19 at the Crisis Management Centre

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