View of the city of Brunnen from above with the well visible Auslandschweizerplatz, the lake and the mountains in the background
The Auslandschweizerplatz Brunnen, Ingenbohl, Canton Schwyz, attracts guests from all over the world. © Axel B. Bott

The "Auslandschweizerplatz Brunnen" Foundation, whose Board is composed of the Swiss Confederation (represented by the FDFA), the Canton and District of Schwyz, the Municipality of Ingenbohl, the Schwyz Cantonal Bank, and the Organization of the Swiss Abroad (OSE), which provides most of the Foundation Board members (A, DE, F, I, UK), was founded in 1899. It currently has 12 members.

The Foundation acquired the site - a 5400 square meter gravel lawn with a surrounding meadow - thanks to donations from Swiss abroad and financial support from the Swiss Confederation. On August 1, 1991 - as part of the celebrations for the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation - the square was inaugurated to the public by the then President of the Swiss Confederation, Pascal Delamuraz, and the entire Federal Council.

The granite block made of Grimsel granite at the entrance to the square commemorates the generous donation for the purchase and also for the renovation in 2016.

The Auslandschweizerplatz is located directly in front of the Föhn harbor of Brunnen, on a peninsula opposite the Rütli and offers a wonderful view of both Lake Lucerne, the surrounding mountains such as the Mythen or the Rigi. The spectacular view leaves all visitors impressed.

Thanks to its unique location and the impressions it conveys, the Auslandschweizerplatz attracts guests from all over the world and is frequently used as a venue for public and private events: for example, the square forms the end of the "Swiss Path" and was the main venue for the 700th anniversary celebrations in 1991 with the famous Botta tent. At the same time it forms the start of the "Waldstätterweg". The Auslandschweizerplatz can be rented for events.

30th anniversary of the Area for the Swiss Abroad in Brunnen

© Ivan Geisser, 89 productions

Video transcript

Behind me we can see Rütli, the port of the Swiss Confederation. I am standing here on the Square of the Swiss Abroad: the landmark of the Swiss Abroad.

In 1991, on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation, this square was dedicated to all Swiss abroad as a landmark for their homeland.

The founders and benefactors were the government of Canton Schwyz, the Municipality of Ingenbohl-Brunnen, Schwyzer Kantonalbank, the Swiss Confederation and the Swiss Abroad.

The first president was Professor Dr. Walther Hofer.

Together with the Swiss Way, our Swiss Abroad Square is the last reminder of this 700-year celebration. What has happened in the last 30 years?

On the occasion of our 25th anniversary, the square was completely renovated, expanding it and improving the technical stations.

A new website has been created, and events have become more and bigger, among others, SRF bi de Lüt, Donnschtig-Jass, Wind Week, Spettacolo, artists have come here and made sculptures, the population has been able to see them, and the last event here in the square was Hollywood in Brunnen. 

We don't want to forget the many information panels about the history of the Swiss Abroad, the organization of the Swiss Abroad and the development of this history.

I would like to take a brief look at the near future: we are happy that so many young people are organizing themselves in the OSA and making themselves available as Councilors of the Swiss Abroad to promote the interests of the Swiss abroad. I would like to make special mention of our "Artist in Residence" project. The goal is to give artists from abroad the opportunity to work here for a month at the Foundation's expense, so that they can work and present their results to the public. We would be very happy if you would like to promote our beautiful square in your destinations and have every Swiss abroad visit the square at least once. It is also an experience in the rain.

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