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The FDFA websites are as diverse as the department itself and includes sites ranging from comprehensive dossiers on major subjects, such as European policy and development cooperation, to shorter sections on specialised autonomous divisions, such as the Swiss Maritime Navigation Office.

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In addition to the website for the whole department, the FDFA posts webpages on Swiss European policy, development and cooperation, Switzerland’s contribution to the enlarged EU, international police missions, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and Switzerland’s communication abroad. Switzerland’s representations in more than 140 countries also have their own websites. The same goes for Switzerland’s missions and delegations to international organisations. Specialised autonomous divisions such as the Swiss Maritime Navigation Office also have webpages of their own.

The FDFA website at a glance:

  • Switzerland has close relations with the European Union on the political, economic and cultural levels. Its relations with the EU are based on a set of bilateral agreements.

  • Switzerland’s international cooperation actively promotes global sustainable development with the aim of reducing poverty and global risks, especially in fragile countries and those affected by conflict.

  • Civpol (civilian police experts) – Swiss police and customs experts work on missions to help stabilise crisis regions.

  • The official information portal of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs with an introduction providing an overview of Swiss society, politics, history, culture and the economy.

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