Requirements for offers

A complete offer for a mandate includes concepts and methods, a differentiated depiction of the use of project funds and details regarding the qualifications of the key personnel. In evaluating offers, the FDFA refers to its own internal fee guidelines and to the expense rates of the federal government in respect of reimbursements (fees and expenses).

Requirements for an offer

When drawing up offers, great importance is attached to a good understanding of the project and the project environment. Concepts and methods for carrying out the mandate should be proposed and consideration given to particular opportunities and risks. In addition, an easy-to-follow depiction of the use of project funds (personnel, goods, financial resources) is prefered, as is an illustration of the institutional and organisational processes involved. Qualifications play a particularly important role, along with assurances regarding the availability of the proposed key personnel. To ensure that offers are comparable, structural requirements for drawing up the budget generally apply to financial bids. Although the financial bid is just one element of many in the overall assessment, bids are expected to be in line with the market.

FDFA fee guidelines

The content and scope of services to be provided and the applicable fee rates are agreed in negotiations. The FDFA fee guidelines are primarily based on the assessments of the requested services, taking into account the particular capabilities of the persons performing the mandate. The FDFA uses these reference values to assess the reimbursement due, which is then contractually agreed with the contractor.

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