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The FDFA on social media: stay informed, stay in touch! Would you like to follow a major foreign policy event live? Would you like to find out more about an international cooperation project? Are you planning your next trip abroad? Follow the work of the FDFA in Switzerland and around the world every day on its various social platforms.


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Switzerland and international organisations

Switzerland UN @swiss_un  
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Switzerland OSCE @SwitzerlandOSCE  
Switzerland OECD @SwitzerlandOECD  
Switzerland NATO @SwitzerlandNato  

Scientific diplomacy

Representations abroad


European Union Mission in Brussels @SwissmissionEU
Albania Embassy in Tirana @SwissEmbassyTirana
Armenia Embassy in Yerevan  @SwissEmbassyYerevan
Austria Embassy in Vienna @CHBotschaftWien
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Belarus The Ambassador  @SwissAmbBelarus
  Embassy in Minsk @SwissEmbassyMinsk
Belgium Embassy in Brussels @AmbassadeSuisseBruxelles
Bosnia and Herzegovina Embassy in Sarajevo @SwissEmbassySarajevo
    YouTube Channel
Bulgaria Embassy in Sofia @SwissEmbSofia
Croatia Embassy in Zagreb @SwissEmbassyZagreb
Cyprus Embassy in Nicosia @SwissEmbassyNicosia
Czechia Embassy in Prague @SwissEmbassyCZ
  The Ambassador @AmbSwissCZ
Denmark Embassy in Copenhagen @EmbassySwitzerlandDenmark
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Finland Embassy in Helsinki @SwissEmbassyHelsinki
France Embassy in Paris @AmbSuisseParis
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  Swiss Business Hub France @SBH_France
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Germany Embassy in Berlin @CHBotschaftDE
  The Ambassador @BotSchweizDE
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  General Consulate in Munich @SchweizerKonsulatMuenchen
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  General Consulate in Frankfurt @SchweizerKonsulatFrankfurt
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  General Consulate in Stuttgart @swisscgstuttgart
  Swiss Business Hub Germany @SBH_Germany
Greece Embassy in Athens @SwissEmbassyGR
Holy See (Vatican City) Embassy in Rome @ambasciatasvizzerasantasede
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Hungary Embassy in Budapest @SwissEmbassyBudapest
Ireland Embassy in Dublin @Swiss_IRL
Italy Embassy in Rome @ambasciatasvizz
  The Ambassador
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  Consulate General in Milan @ConsolatoSvizzeroMilano
  General Consul @consolesvizzIT
    YouTube Channel
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  Swiss Business Hub Italy LinkedIn Profil
Kosovo Embassy Pristina @SwissEmbassyPristina
Latvia Embassy Riga @SwissEmbRiga
  The Ambassador  @SwissAmbRiga
Luxembourg Embassy in Luxembourg @AmbassadeSuisseLuxembourg
Moldova Cooperation Office in Chisinau @SDCMoldowa
Netherlands Embassy in The Hague @Swiss_NL
  The Ambassador @SwissAmbNL
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North Macedonia Embassy in Skopje @swissembskopje
Norway Embassy in Oslo (Norway and Iceland) @SwissEmbOslo
Poland Embassy in Warsaw @SwissPoland
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  Swiss Business Hub Central Europe LinkedIn Profile
Portugal Embassy in Lisbon @EmbaixadaSuicaLisboa
Romania Embassy in Bucharest  @SwissEmbassyRO
Russia Embassy in Moscow
  Swiss Business Hub Russia LinkedIn Profile
Serbia Embassy in Belgrade @SwissEmbassyBlg
Slovakia Embassy in Bratislava @SwissEmbBTS
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Slovenia Embassy in Ljubljana @SwissEmbassyLjubljana
Spain  The Ambassador  @EmbSuizaEspana
  Embassy in Madrid @EmbajadaSuizaMadrid
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  Swiss Business Hub Spain LinkedIn Profile
Sweden Embassy in Stockholm @SwissEmbSweden
  The Ambassador @SwissAmbSweden
Turkey Embassy in Ankara @SwissEmbAnkara
  Consulate General in Istanbul @SwissConsulateIstanbul
  Swiss Business Hub LinkedIn Profile
Ukraine Embassy in Kiev @SwissUA
United Kingdom Embassy in London @SwissEmbassyUK
  The Ambassador @SwissAmbUK
    YouTube Channel
  Swiss Business Hub UK+Ireland LinkedIn Profile


Angola Embassy in Luanda @ambsuisseangola
Benin Embassy in Accra @SwissEmbAccra
  Cooperation Office in Cotonou @ddcbenin
    YouTube Channel
Burkina Faso Cooperation Office
in Ouagadougou
Burundi Cooperation Office
in Bujumbura
Cameroon The Ambassador  @swissambyaounde
  Embassy in Yaoundé @SwissEmbassyYaounde
Chad Swiss cooperation office
in N'Djamena
    YouTube Channel
Côte d'Ivoire Embassy in Abidjan @AmbassadeSuisseAbidjan
  The Ambassador @AmbSuisseCI
Republic of Congo
The Ambassador



  Embassy in Kinshasa @CooperationSuisseGrandsLacs
Ethiopia Embassy in Addis Ababa   @SwissAddisAbaba
Ghana Embassy in Accra @SwissEmbAccra
  The Ambassador @SwissAmbAccra
Kenya Embassy in Nairobi @SwissEmbassyKE
Madagascar The Ambassador  @SwissAmbTana
  Embassy in Antananarivo @AmbassadeSuisseAntananarivo
Mali Cooperation Office in Bamako @DDCMali
Niger Cooperation Office in Niamey @DDCNiger
Nigeria Embassy in Abuja @SwissEmbassyAbuja
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Rwanda Cooperation Office in Kigali @CooperationSuisseGrandsLacs
Senegal Embassy in Dakar @SuisseSenegal
South Africa Embassy in Pretoria /
General Consulate in Cape Town
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Sudan Embassy in Khartoum @SwissEmbassyKhartoum
Togo Embassy in Accra @SwissEmbAccra
Tunisia Embassy in Tunis @AmbSuisseTunis
Zimbabwe Embassy in Harare @SwissEmbZim

Asia and Pacific

Australia Embassy in Canberra
General Consulate in Sydney
Bangladesh Embassy in Dhaka @SwissEmbassyDhaka
  The Ambassador @SwissAmbBD
Cambodia Cooperation Office Mekong @SwissCooperationMekong
China Embassy in Beijing @SwissEmbChina
  General Consulate in Hong Kong @SwissConsulateHongkong
  General Consulate in Shanghai @SwissCGShanghai
India Embassy in New Dehli @SwissEmbassyIND
    YouTube Channel
  General Consulate in Mumbai @SwissCGMumbai
Indonesia Embassy in Jakarta @SwissASEAN
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Japan Embassy in Tokyo @SwissEmbassyJP
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  Swiss Business Hub Japan LinkedIn Profile
Laos Cooperation Office Mekong @SwissCooperationMekong
Malaysia Embassy in Kuala Lumpur @SwissEmbassyKualaLumpur
LinkedIn Profile
Mongolia Cooperation Office in Ulan Bator @SwissCooperationMongolia
    YouTube Channel
Myanmar Embassy in Yangon @swissembassyyangon
Nepal The Ambassador @SwissAmbNepal
  Embassy in Kathmandu @SwissEmbassyKathmandu
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New Zealand Embassy in Wellington @SwissEmbassyWellington
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  The Ambassador @SwissAmbNZ
Embassy in Islamabad
Consulate General in Karachi
Cooperation Office in Islamabad
  The Ambassador @SWissAmbPak
Philippines Embassy in Manila @SwissEmbassyPhilippines
Singapore The Ambassador  @SwissAmbSGP
  Embassy in Singapore @SwissEmbassySingapore
    LinkedIn Profile
Sri Lanka The Ambassador  @SwissAmbLKA
  Embassy in Colombo @SwissEmbassyColombo
South Korea The Ambassador @SwissAmbSeoul
  Embassy in Seoul @SwissEmbassySeoul
Tajikistan Swiss Cooperation Office and Consular Agency  @SwissTajikistan
Taiwan Trade Office of Swiss Industries @TOSITaipei
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Thailand The Ambassador
  Embassy in Bangkok @SwissEmbassyBangkok
Vietnam Embassy in Hanoi
Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City
  The Ambassador @SwissAmbVietnam

Middle East and North Africa



Embassy in Algier




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Embassy in Cairo





Embassy in Tehran





Embassy in Tel Aviv



Embassy in Amman 




Embassy in Kuwait



Embassy in Beirut




The Ambassador


  Embassy in Rabat  @AmbassadeSuisseRabat


LinkedIn Profile

The occupied Palestinian territory

Representative Office of Switzerland Ramallah



Embassy in Muscat




Embassy in Doha




Saudi Arabia

Embassy in Riyadh






Tunisia The Ambassador @AmbSuisseTunis


Embassy in Tunis 


United Arab Emirates

Embassy in Abu Dhabi







America and Carribean

Argentina Embassy in Buenos Aires  @SuizaArgentina
  The Ambassador @swissambarg
    YouTube Channel
Bolivia Embassy in La Paz @EmbajadaSuizaLaPaz
Brazil The Ambassador @SwissAmbBrazil
  Embassy in Brasilia /
General Consulates in
Rio and in Sao Paolo
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  Swiss Business Hub Brazil @SBH_Brazil
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Canada Embassy in Ottawa @SwissEmbCanada
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  General Consulate in Montreal @SwissConsulateMontreal
  General Consulate in Vancouver @ConsulateSwissVancouver
  Swiss Business Hub Canada LinkedIn Profile
Chile Embassy in Santiago @SuizaChile
    YouTube Channel
  Swiss Business Hub Chile LinkedIn Profile
Columbia Embassy in Bogotá  @SuizaColombia
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Costa Rica Embassy in San José  @EmbajadaSuizaSanJose
Cuba Embassy in Havana @EmbajadaSuizaHabana
Dominican Republic Embassy in Santo Domingo @EmbajadaSuizaenSantoDomingo
Ecuador Embassy in Quito @EmbajadaSuizaQuito
Guatemala Embassy in Guatemala @EmbajadaSuizaGuatemala
Haiti Embassy in Port-au-Prince @AmbassadeSuissePortauPrince
Mexico Embassy in Mexico City @CHMexico
Nicaragua Cooperation Office
Central America
Paraguay Consulate general in Asunción @EmbajadaSuizaParaguay
Peru The Ambassador @EmbSuizaPeru
  Embassy in Lima @EmbajadaSuizaenelPeru
Uruguay The Ambassador @SwissAmbUruguay
  Embassy in Montevideo @EmbajadaSuizaMontevideo
USA Embassy in Washington @SwissEmbassyUSA
  The Ambassador @SwissAmbUSA
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    YouTube Channel
  General Consulate in Atlanta @SwissCGAtlanta
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  General Consulate in New York @SwissCGNY
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    YouTube Channel 
  General Consulate in Chicago @SwissConsulateChicago
    YouTube Channel
  General Consulate in San Francisco @SwissConsulateSanFrancisco
Venezuela Embassy in Caracas @EmbajadaSuizaCaracas

Central Asia and South Caucasus

Armenia Embassy in Yerevan @SwissEmbassyYerevan
Azerbaijan Embassy in Baku @SwissEmbassyBaku
Georgia Embassy in Tbilissi @SwissEmbassyTbilisi
Kazakhstan Embassy in Astana @swissembassykazakhstan
Kyrgyzstan Embassy in Bishkek @SwissEmbassyKyrgyzstan
Uzbekistan Embassy in Tashkent  @SwissEmbassyTashkent
Turkmenistan Embassy in Baku @SwissEmbassyBaku

Presence Switzerland

Presence Switzerland

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