The KMZ also advises and supports FDFA organisational units in matters relating to crisis and security management.

The main aspects of the KMZ's activities are:

  • Steering and coordination: The Crisis Management Centre steers and coordinates all the federal means employed within its remit to help Swiss nationals abroad who find themselves in crisis and emergency situations.
  • Crisis unit: The KMZ can activate a crisis unit or interdepartmental task force at any time, which remains in place until the crisis has passed.
  • Crisis preparation: The KMZ supports the Swiss representations abroad in preparing for and dealing with crises.
  • Intervention pool: The KMZ deploys the FDFA crisis intervention pool as necessary (200 trained volunteers throughout the world).
  • Training: The KMZ trains FDFA staff and other interested parties in crisis and security management.
  • Travel advice: The KMZ publishes travel advice on safety and security. This is drawn up in close coordination with Swiss embassies and consulates and is based on other reliable information sources. FDFA travel advice aims to make the Swiss public aware of potential risks when travelling abroad, focusing on the political situation and on crime.

The KMZ works closely with its partners (federal departments, crisis centres in other foreign ministries, international organisations, private assistance services, tourism, Swiss companies active abroad, non-governmental organisations etc.).

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Last update 29.01.2022


Crisis Management Centre (KMZ)


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