A migration partnership is based on an agreement between two states that pledge to work together more closely in the area of migration, making use of the relevant synergies and taking a global approach. The aim is to develop common solutions to the challenges facing both states and to capitalise on the opportunities that migration can bring. Migration partnerships can include all areas related to migration that are of interest to both partners. The partners cooperate through agreements and concrete projects, and programmes of direct relevance to migration, such as:

  • harnessing migration as a factor in sustainable development
  • protecting refugees, internally displaced persons and migrants
  • safeguarding the human rights of displaced people
  • combating human trafficking
  • developing effective asylum and host structures
  • promoting regular migration (e.g. visa policy and education and training)
  • facilitating return and reintegration

Migration partnerships help Switzerland to implement the strategic linking of its international cooperation and migration policy instruments.

Switzerland currently has migration partnerships with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Nigeria, Tunisia and Sri Lanka.

Last update 08.01.2024


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