Partnerships with cantons and communes

The SDC promotes dialogue on questions of development cooperation in partnership with cantons, cantonal federations and municipalities. This ensures the exchange of significant experiences in the field of decentralisation, promotion of local government and securing public services.

Cantons and Communes

International cooperation is the responsibility of the federal government. Various cantons and municipalities have expressed an interest in international cooperation and have consolidated their engagement in the cantonal constitution, in a law or in a municipalities regulation. With their experience in the field of decentralised policy and ensuring public services, the cantons and municipalities have valuable skills. Depending on the priorities of cooperation strategies and projects, the SDC can enter into partnerships with cantons or municipalities.

The SDC conducts a regular dialogue on questions of development activities, cooperation with Eastern Europe and humanitarian cooperation with interested cantons.

Cantonal federations

In French-speaking and Italian-speaking Switzerland, cantonal and federal authorities work with non-governmental organisations and the SDC. Cantonal federations make an important contribution to the professional use of public resources at the cantonal level, and to promoting of the exchange of knowledge, as well as to public awareness-raising.

With their skills and knowledge in the field of decentralisation, promotion of local government and ensuring public services, cantons and municipalities can make an important additional contribution in countries of the South and the East. Clearly defined development cooperation projects are supported if they are correspond with  the SDC's geographic or thematic priorities. The SDC's Institutional Partnerships Division promotes dialogue with cantons and other decentralised bodies on overall strategic questions regarding engagement in development cooperation. As part of an informal cantonal platform, there is an annual institutional exchange of experiences and thoughts between the cantons and the SDC.

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