SDC further training courses

Courses provided by the SDC as part of its further training programme are also available to personnel from SDC contractors and to staff of Swiss NGOs working in development cooperation.

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E-Learning offer

Results-based management and its application at project level for project cycle management is a core competence of all SDC employees (QA training offer). As part of its education, training and coaching mandate, the SDC’s Quality Assurance and Internal Digitalisation Specialist Service, together with NADEL (ETH Zurich) and other partners, thoroughly updated its e-learning and self-learning tool PCMi (Project Cycle Management interactive). PCMi consists of a series of modules introducing professionals in the field of international cooperation to the background and context of results-oriented project cycle management (PCM). It also provides an overview on the main PCM concepts, methods and instruments used in project planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

E-Learning course Project Cycle Management interactive