Sustainable economic development

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Switzerland will contribute to an enabling business environment by supporting reforms that aim to reduce the administrative burden for businesses and enhance transparency in business processes, including through digital solutions. Resilient market systems will be promoted through the development of business services and the building up of an ecosystem to help SMEs and young entrepreneurs increase their competitiveness, mainly, but not only, in agriculture, tourism and ICT. Swiss cooperation will also support a macroeconomic framework that enables the private sector to grow and create additional jobs and incomes.

In order to improve labour market outcomes for women and men, Switzerland will continue to enhance the quality and equitable uptake of VSD by improving market-relevant training opportunities for young people and facilitating dialogue between public and private sector actors to develop joint solutions for reducing existing skills gaps. This will include improving access to labour market information, job matching and contributions to the overall VET reform. 

Swiss portfolio outcome 2: Women and men benefit from inclusive and sustainable economic development and decent employment

Outcome 2.1: A resilient market system, supported by business-friendly framework conditions, enables private sector growth
Outcome 2.2: Equitable use of market-relevant skills is increased and labour market services function effectively

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This contributes to good governance and transparency in managing public resources as well as stability in the fiscal policy environment (monetary policy, public finances, banking system).

The SECO’s worldwide engagement

Unemployment and underemployment remain among the most serious development problems facing partner countries of SDC. Only if people have access to productive, reasonably paid employment that enables them to earn an income, can global poverty be sustainably reduced and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) be achieved.

SDC's worldwide engagement