Democratic governance and peace

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To strengthen the supply side and accountability, Switzerland will engage in policy dialogue and continue enhancing institutional capacities for the promotion of democratic governance and human rights principles and compliance with integrity systems. On the demand side, it will continue to strengthen the role of CSOs and their constituency relations in order to increase their influence in policymaking. In a conflict-sensitive manner, citizens will be mobilised to become more engaged in public affairs. Capacities at the local level and related central levels will be boosted by applying a performance-based approach and introducing new digital tools. By strengthening professional capacities of rule-of-law institutions and improving the policy framework and legislation, Swiss cooperation will support the fight against corruption with a focus on recovering stolen assets.

Switzerland is committed to strengthening inclusive democratic processes and promoting multilingualism, cultural diversity and improved inter-community relations in Kosovo society. A holistic approach to dealing with the past and inclusive processes for normalising relations with Serbia will be supported.

Swiss portfolio outcome 1: Women and men enjoy the benefits of strengthened democratic governance and peace

Outcome 1.1: State institutions are more accountable and citizens are more engaged in public affairs

Outcome 1.2: Inclusiveness and inter-community relations are improved and the normalisation process with Serbia is advanced

A young woman places a folded ballot paper in the ballot box.
The objectives of the SDC include supporting fair and transparent elections, for example in Tunisia. © SDC

The objective of governance is to create an environment that strengthens rule of law and human rights, gender equality, appropriate distribution of power and macro-economic stability. Governance is a strategic objective of SDC development cooperation.

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