Swiss Business Hub Brazil

About Us

The Swiss Business Hub (SBH) is part of the official representation of Switzerland in Brazil. Our mission is to enable new business by supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Switzerland and Liechtenstein with their projects to enter the Brazilian market or expand their business in the country. Together with Team Switzerland Infrastructure, we also improve the access to large infrastructure projects in Brazil for companies from Switzerland and Liechtenstein that cater to the infrastructure sector and support innovative Brazilian companies interested in establishing themselves in Switzerland. 

The Swiss Business Hub is the local representation of the official Swiss agency for export and investment promotion, Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE). We have an experienced team of consultants both in Switzerland and in Brazil, and count on a selected network of trusted experts in various sectors of the economy. 

Export Promotion

The SBH Brazil advises and supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Switzerland and Liechtenstein wishing to explore and seize export opportunities in the Brazilian market, with a focus on healthcare, infrastructure, cleantech and MEM industries, where Brazil offers many business opportunities.  

In collaboration with our local experts, we offer a wide range of trade promotion services, in addition to the basic services:

  •  Market Analysis
  • Legal, tax and regulatory services
  • Customs and logistical support
  • Partner search (distributors, agents, customers)
  • Constitution of a subsidiary
  • Organization of business trips
  • Local market support
  • Participation in trade fairs and exhibitions, in collaboration with our partner Swisscam Brazil, the Swiss Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.