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Travel safe and worry-free with Travel Admin, the FDFA's travel app. Travel Admin helps you prepare for your trip, and provides useful information and services on the go – not just in the event of an emergency. But if there is a crisis abroad, the app can be a valuable tool: such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, when it proved particularly useful in organising return journeys for Swiss travellers stranded abroad.

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Travel Admin is the travel app of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). © FDFA

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It's easy to sign up and enter your first trip abroad. If there's a natural disaster or other type of crisis where you're travelling, for example, the FDFA will know where you are and be able to give you vital information so that you can help yourself.

Prior to your trip, you should also consult the FDFA's travel advice – available directly on the app. Here, you will find information about security-related issues, such as politics and crime, in your destination country. Travel advice is based on an assessment of the current situation and possible risks.

If you've entered your trip in the Travel Admin app, you'll also be notified if the security situation in your destination country deteriorates. You should, however, heed the warnings and instructions of the local authorities in the first instance. 

Good preparation is half the journey

Use Travel Admin's customisable checklists to plan the perfect trip. You can attach copies of important travel documents like your passport and insurance policies to the checklists. The FDFA's regularly updated travel advice is available at the touch of a button and is an indispensable part of any good travel plan. Once you've registered, you can simply enter your destinations as well as your travel companions and an emergency address directly from your contacts list.

Good preparation is key to carefree travel. You can use Travel Admin, the travel app of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), for this purpose.

Don't leave home without the FDFA

The app can be a valuable companion when you're on the road

If you're on the app and there's a crisis in your destination country, you'll get push notifications from the FDFA. The app also gives you quick access to the address, contact details and website of the nearest Swiss representation, so you can contact them directly by phone, Skype or email. In addition, the app lists emergency numbers (fire service, police, ambulance) for your destination. Last but not least, the FDFA Helpline is also accessible from the app and can provide you with round-the-clock assistance worldwide.