Sources of information

International public sector bodies based in Geneva generate large amounts of information and data on a daily basis that is relevant to the international community and general public. As the host state, Switzerland is strongly committed to making this data more accessible by developing new tools of distribution and promoting the tools of its partners. These mainly include the following:

Office of International Geneva

The Office of International Geneva website is the primary platform providing access to extensive resources to global players based in Geneva. The website has a detailed calendar of upcoming international events in Geneva and a news section updated daily. It provides access to newsletters, key information on current issues, and information on the various support services supplied by Swiss authorities and their partners. Finally, an extensive list of key players in Geneva is available in the 'Who's Who?' section. The dossier "Soutenir la Genève internationale et solidaire" is aimed primarily at beneficiaries of State benefits, but also at political decision-makers and anyone wishing to find out more about the challenges of International and Solidarity Geneva.

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Geneva Solutions

Geneva Solutions is a new non-profit journalistic platform dedicated to covering international Geneva. Its editorial culture is based on constructive journalism principles, leveraging Geneva’s historical and ongoing efforts to finding solutions to global issues. The platform is centered around five core themes – Peace & Humanitarian, Climate, Global Health, Sustainable Business & Finance, and Technology – as well as opinion pieces, published Saturdays in the daily newsletter GS Daily Brief.

The Geneva Platforms © FDFA

Thematic newsletters

In order to communicate on their activities aimed at strengthening exchanges and synergies between the actors of International Geneva, the following platforms for reflection and cooperation publish regular thematic newsletters:

The Geneva Platforms also produce GenevaBrief., a monthly newsletter that publicises activities and projects more widely, condensing relevant information into one document.

United Nations Office at Geneva platform

The United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) plays a crucial role in International Geneva. It hosts over 12,000 meetings a year on a range of issues and has a large collection of useful resources for its delegates and visitors covering current events and UN activities, arranged by topic.

Iceberg © PCP

The UNOG Perception Change Project (PCP) aims to highlight the impact of work carried out by the UN, international organisations, NGOs and other organisations based in Geneva and build a better understanding of its relevance not just in relation to humanitarian assistance, peacekeeping and global health efforts but also to people's daily lives. The PCP produces infographics, impact stories, SDG mappings and has a GVAData database that collects the most relevant publications and materials produced by International Geneva.

UN News has extensive resources, available to everyone, covering a range of topics, including audiovisual content, reports, speeches, statements, photos and video clips in several languages.

UN Web TV broadcasts daily, live, on-demand video coverage of meetings and events at UN headquarters and major conferences at other venues around the world.