Environment, Energy, Transport

Thomas Meier © FDFA

Head of Sectoral Policies  
Transport, Climate and Environment

Thomas Meier – Minister-Counsellor
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Contact: Angélique Curdy
Tel.: +32 (0) 2 286 13 10

Matthias Haller
Matthias Haller © FDFA

Energy, Galileo

Matthias Haller – Counsellor
Tel.: +32 (0)2 286 13 18

Contact: Angélique Curdy
Tel.: +32 (0)2 286 13 10

Energy – an intensive exchange

An agreement on access to the EU’s single market for energy is another major step for Switzerland, having traded electricity with the EU intensively for decades

Transport – a strong integration

The single market created within the EU also applies to transport. Trains, lorries, planes and ships have to be able to circulate freely in Europe. The EU seeks to reduce restrictions on competition and technical obstacles as far as possible to guarantee a smoother flow of traffic and better tariffs for passenger and freight transport. Two bilateral agreements from 1999 regulate reciprocal market access between Switzerland and the EU in the area of transport.

Environment and climate – stepping up cooperation on shared challenges

The EU and Switzerland face the same challenges of demographic growth and the pressures this creates on the environment. They take similar positions when it comes to finding global solutions in international conferences on sustainable development or the climate.