Nominal Support by Embassy of Switzerland

While the Embassy of Switzerland cannot provide financial support for Swiss-related projects or events, nominal support can be granted for projects or events with a clear connection to Switzerland. Please consider the following if you wish to apply:

What is Nominal Support?

  • Authorization to refer publicly to the Embassy’s acknowledgement of a specific project or event.
  • Authorization to use the Embassy logo in publicity or information material related to the agreed project or event.

How to use Nominal Support?

  • Nominal Support is to be used only for the specific project or event for which it is granted.
  • The project or event is not used for the generation of commercial profit for any individual or organisation in any way not agreed to at the time of the grant of nominal support.
  • Any change in the nature, purpose or content of the project or event or the manner in which nominal support is to be used must be notified to the Embassy.
  • In some cases, the change may result in the withdrawal of nominal support.

Organizations or individuals participating in projects or events granted nominal support by the Embassy will take care to ensure that:

  • There is no misrepresentation of official Swiss Government policies or views.
  • The Embassy is not liable for any unforeseen situations that may arise in connection with the project or event for which patronage/nominal support by the Embassy is granted.
  • The project or event does not negatively affect the public order in Switzerland or in the UAE nor is it otherwise unsuitable for association with the Embassy of the furtherance of friendly bilateral relations between the two countries.

Withdrawal of Nominal Support:

  • Any use of the nominal support of the Embassy for events or activities other than those stipulated and agreed to will lead to withdrawal of that nominal support.

When you use the nominal support and the Embassy logo on the publicity or information material related to the agreed project/event, you must send the digital data to the Embassy for review prior to publication. This is to ensure that the Embassy’s corporate identity is used properly.

If you wish to place an announcement of the project/event on the Embassy’s website or in Embassy publications, please send

  • an introduction of the project/event (40-100 words)
  • and, if applicable, digital photo data to:

Application for nominal support (DOCX, 1 Page, 78.3 kB, English)