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Polish-Swiss Innovation Day 2023
Polish-Swiss Innovation Day 2023 © EDA

Polish-Swiss Innovation Day

Fostering innovation is a strategic objective of the Polish Government. Switzerland has been ranked as the world's most innovative country in leading indices (e.g., UN Global Innovation Index) and its companies are investing heavily in Poland. The strength of Switzerland as an innovation hub is not yet very well known in Poland, even though Swiss companies are well respected for high quality goods and services and for being excellent employers.

To learn from each other and to exchange experiences, the annual Polish-Swiss Innovation Day brings together experts, policy makers, academics, and business people who drive innovation. The event series is co-organised by the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of Switzerland in Poland. 

Previous editions:

Polish-Swiss Forum for Health Dialogue, #WspółpracaDlaZdrowia

The Polish Government puts a strategic focus on improving the accessibility and quality of the country's health system. Switzerland is home to some of the world's most innovative and successful pharmaceutical companies and has built a decentralised, integrative health system. This system provides high-quality services to all inhabitants through mandatory health insurance and targeted subsidies.

To engage in a bilateral dialogue on health policy, the annual Polish-Swiss Forum for Health Dialogue fosters an exchange on trends, opportunities, and challenges between policy makers, health experts, researchers, industry representatives, and health practitioners. The event series is co-organised by the Embassy of Switzerland in Poland and the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce. Since its inception in 2011, the annual conference has addressed a broad range of topics including preventive medicine, senior citizens' care, cancer treatment, and data-driven healthcare.

In 2021, the Polish-Swiss Forum for Health Dialogue was dedicated to the topic of medical research and its (often insufficient) path to commercialisation: how to foster research and development for innovative treatments by bridging the gap between scientists and entrepreneurs. Video recordings are available here: 11th Polish-Swiss Forum for Health Dialogue. The 12th edition in 2022 was all about digitalisation in the health sector. Video interviews and reporting are available on the website of Rzeczpospolita. The 13th edition was held in the Swiss pavilion at the XXXII Economic Forum in Karpacz to discuss the interlinkages between quality healthcare and a successful economy. Rzeczpospolita covered the event.

Touring Exhibition: "CLEANTECH - technologia dla zielonej przyszłości"

Can tech save the world? Through technology, mankind has fundamentally changed its habitat on Planet Earth, for better and worse. To reduce our negative impact on the environment and the climate, we quickly need to adopt more sustainable behaviour and new technologies.

Switzerland is a leading country in innovation and committed to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. The exhibition "CLEANTECH - technologia dla zielonej przyszłości" (CLEANTECH - Technology for a Green Future) presented innovative technological solutions developed by Swiss researchers and entrepreneurs in areas such as water, agriculture, e-mobility, recycling, and energy. Watch this video from Łódź University of Technology: