The main objective of Switzerland's international cooperation SECO 2021-2024 is to promote Peru's sustainable economic development by strengthening the enabling conditions in two interrelated thematic priorities: SECO supports Peru in its decentralisation agenda by promoting resilient subnational growth centres outside Lima. It also aims to enhance Peru's economic growth through the development of a competitive, innovative and sustainable private sector.



The SDC is the Swiss international cooperation agency responsible for development cooperation and cooperation with Eastern Europe, as well as for Swiss humanitarian aid programmes. It seeks to reduce poverty and mitigate global risks. It promotes economic and state self-management, contributes to improving production conditions, helps solve environmental problems and promotes better health management, basing its commitment on the 2030 Agenda. The SDC's global programmes in the Andean region are therefore working to provide a solution to these challenges and to shape development-promoting globalization. In the Andean region, the SDC focuses its work on three lines of action:

  1. Climate Change and Environment
  2. Water
  3. Disaster Risk Reduction and Humanitarian Aid