Investment Promotion

The Swiss Business Hub Mexico (SBH) is the best contact for local companies, managers, consultants and other interested parties who wish to expand their business to Switzerland. Moreover, the SBH works closely with regional and cantonal business promotion agencies in Switzerland.

What do we do?

Present the Swiss economic and business structure
Provide with information about the exclusive advantages of Switzerland, the administrative and legal environment, step by step to establish a company, labor market and labor laws, financial issues (costs and taxes), real estate, etc.

Support in the development of the business plan for internationalization
Provide with support in the internationalization project structuring of Mexican companies, including feasibility analysis.

Link the companies to strategic partners, research centres and/or universities in Switzerland.
Introduction of the company to local partners who can help to accelerate the company internationalization. Provide the company with contacts from regional economic development agencies, cantons and links with research centres, as well as academic institutions.

Evaluation and exploration of further opportunities
Provide with advice on the selection of business partners, organization of business missions, contacts, guidance on legal, administrative aspects, recruitment of personnel, etc.

Advantages of Switzerland as an Investment Place

Located between the Alps and the Jura Mountains, Switzerland is an important transport and communications axis that connects the north and the south of Europe, where a great variety of languages and cultures meet. Switzerland is globally recognized by its high level of economic development, which is possible thanks to its liberal economic system, its political stability and its link with other countries’ economies.

Switzerland has a whole set of qualities that make it the ideal place to do business, such as its great innovation and technology, the liberal economic regime, political stability, close relations with foreign markets, excellent educational and health systems, optimal infrastructure, high quality of life and a competitive tax system, among others.

Switzerland’s excellent educational system is based on highly educated professionals and more than 60 higher education establishments. Together with an ideal climate for business, Switzerland is proven to be the "hot-spot" in research and development of high innovative and productive strength, an essential part of the high competitiveness of the Swiss economy.