Bilateral Framework Agreement with Latvia

Framework Agreement Signing Ceremony in Latvia
Framework Agreement Signing Ceremony in Latvia © Ministry of Finance, Latvia

On June 19, 2023, Delegate of the Swiss Government for Trade Agreements of the Swiss Confederation Ambassador Dominique Paravicini and Minister of Finance of the Republic of Latvia Arvils Ašeradens signed the Swiss-Latvian Cooperation Programme's Framework Agreement for the Second Swiss Contribution. This continues the long standing and successful bilateral cooperation established in the Enlargement Contribution with sustainable and visible results. Latvia will receive 40.4 million Swiss francs for support of four programmes – Research and innovation, Vocational and professional education and training, Advancement of paediatric cancer care, as well as Remediation of historical pollution. 

The research capacity and partnerships in the advanced materials, information and communication technologies (ICT) and smart energy fields will be promoted in the Applied research programme.

A work-based learning approach (including digital learning tools) and qualification examination model (piloted in 2-3 sectors) will be created and developed, as well as new vocational education teachers will be trained and prepared within the Vocational education and training programme.

For the Development of paediatric cancer care in Latvia, the approach to disease diagnosis and personalized treatment will be improved by creating a monitoring system in long-term support for children, who have recovered from oncological diseases, and which can later be developed for adult oncological and rare disease patients.

In the Remediation of historical pollution, the remediation of nationally prioritized oil-contaminated site in Aizkraukle will be ensured at the site of the former factory of reinforced concrete, preventing further pollution emission into groundwater and the Daugava River.

Depending on the detailed documentation development and upcoming programme proposal approval processes in two stages, the implementation of the first programmes could indicatively start in the end of 2024.

Bilateral framework agreement with Latvia (PDF, 21 Pages, 4.5 MB, English)