FDFA State Secretary Livia Leu holds political consultations with Kosovo

Press releases, 09.05.2023

On 9 May, FDFA State Secretary Livia Leu held political consultations in Bern with Kosovo's Deputy Foreign Minister Kreshnik Ahmeti. The meeting focused on bilateral matters, the relations between Kosovo and Serbia, Swiss support for the EU normalisation process between the two countries and the implications for the Western Balkans of the war against Ukraine.

The regular political consultations make it possible to deepen the good relations between Switzerland and Kosovo as well as topics of mutual interest.

An important point was the EU normalisation process between Kosovo and Serbia. The FDFA believes that normalising relations between the two countries in the long term is fundamental to stability throughout the region. Ms Leu took advantage of the meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Kreshnik Ahmeti to assess the current situation between Kosovo and Serbia and to emphasise Switzerland's support for the normalisation process. Both sides discussed the current situation in the Western Balkans and Kosovo's application for membership in the Council of Europe, which is supported by Switzerland. State Secretary Leu and Deputy Foreign Minister Ahmeti discussed the next steps in the application process. Switzerland's role as a member in the UN Security Council was also discussed.

Also on the agenda was the Swiss military contingent involved in the international Kosovo Force (KFOR), which has been indispensable for ensuring a peaceful and secure environment in the region on behalf of the UN Security Council since 1999.

Switzerland has been active in Kosovo since 1998, with past work primarily focused on humanitarian assistance. Today, Switzerland largely supports Kosovo in terms of further integration into Europe and, more generally, improving the region's prospects for the future.

Switzerland is investing CHF 86 million in Kosovo over a four-year period as part of a joint programme run by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Peace and Human Rights Division (PHRD) attached to the FDFA State Secretariat, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM).

In terms of civilian peacebuilding, Switzerland seeks to promote a multi-ethnic, tolerant society where diversity is respected. Switzerland plays a key role in dealing with the past (DwP) processes within Kosovo and advocates an inclusive and transformative approach to DwP in political discourse that addresses the concerns of all victim groups.

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