Press Release: Ministry of Health and Swiss Embassy to Sign Agreement Advancing Accessible Quality Healthcare in Kosovo

Press releases, 22.03.2024

Prishtina, Kosovo: The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kosovo, represented by Minister Arben Vitia, and the Swiss Embassy in Kosovo, represented by Ambassador Jürg Sprecher, will convene on Friday, March 22nd, 2024, to formalize their partnership in advancing the Accessible Quality Healthcare (AQH) Project Phase III. The signing ceremony marks a significant milestone in the ongoing collaboration between Kosovo and Switzerland to enhance healthcare accessibility and quality in the country.

The AQH Project, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by Swiss TPH, enters its third phase with a renewed commitment to improving primary healthcare services and addressing non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Kosovo. Building upon the successes of its previous phases, Phase III aims to further strengthen healthcare providers and managers, enhance community health literacy, and promote demand for high-quality care among citizens, particularly vulnerable populations.

Speaking at the signing event, Minister Vitia emphasized the crucial role of primary healthcare, highlighting these institutions as the initial point of contact for patients seeking medical assistance. He assured, "The Ministry of Health is committed to facilitating the timely and efficient implementation of this project by providing necessary permissions and approvals. Additionally, we will actively support the development of a sustainable healthcare system in Kosovo, with a strong emphasis on Primary Health Care (PHC)."

Swiss Ambassador Jürg Sprecher underlined that today’s agreement is a testament to our shared vision of building a robust and sustainable healthcare system that is prepared to meet the needs of today and adaptable for the challenges of tomorrow, particularly with respect to chronic diseases.

The signing of the AQH Project Phase III agreement underscores the commitment of both the Kosovo government and the Swiss Embassy to furthering sustainable healthcare development in Kosovo. With a project budget of 6, 500,000.00 CHF, Phase III aims to achieve even greater impact and sustainability, ensuring that all citizens of Kosovo have access to improved healthcare services.

AQH III, the final phase of the project, focuses on consolidating achievements, scaling up successful initiatives, and ensuring long-term sustainability. This involves consolidating efforts in partner municipalities from AQH I and AQH II (20 municipalities) while expanding interventions that have shown results in earlier phases to all Kosovo municipalities (38 municipalities). The project aims to strengthen partner institutions by transferring responsibilities to national and municipal bodies, thereby promoting sustainability. During this transition, mechanisms for on-demand support and co-contribution are utilized to ensure lasting impact and improvements in healthcare accessibility and quality for all citizens of Kosovo, preparing for the conclusion of project support.