On the road to Osaka 2025, Switzerland is on time

Local news, 19.03.2024

The 19 March 2024 marked the official groundbreaking ceremony of the Swiss Pavilion on Yumeshima in Osaka. This is an important milestone on the road to Expo 2025. To celebrate the occasion, Presence Switzerland, the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan and the Consulate of Switzerland in Osaka orgenised a day-long programme with numerous dignitaries from Japan and Switzerland, as well as long-standing partners. The Swiss team is thrilled to be able to make good on its promise to open the pavilion to the public on 13 April 2025, unveiling an ultra-light pavilion that showcases Swiss innovation. New renderings and a teaser video are now available.

Official groundbreaking ceremony of the Swiss Pavilion
Official groundbreaking ceremony of the Swiss Pavilion © Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, Presence Switzerland (FDFA)

Switzerland's self-built Pavilion set for Expo opening

The temporary building permit for the Swiss Pavilion was issued on 22 February 2024. This decisive step marks the start of construction and is in compliance with the World Expo deadlines. In addition, the general contractor NUSSLI will be working together with the trusted Japanese construction partner Tekken Corporation, allowing for streamlined construction procedures. The milestones leading up to the opening of the Expo are:

  • Core and shell construction to be completed by October 2024
  • Building completion certificate is scheduled to be delivered on 28 February 2025
  • Certificate of occupancy is scheduled to be delivered on 13 March 2025.

Commitment to sustainable construction

As the Expo is a platform for sharing expertise on a sustainable future, our aim is to contribute to this dynamic by building a pavilion with the lowest possible environmental impact, thanks in particular to a very light membrane for the spheres. In collaboration with NUSSLI and experts, we will measure the impact of the construction and promote sustainable measures. "Our exhibition structure for Osaka will be the lightest ever built by Switzerland for a World Expo," says General Commissioner Manuel Salchli.

Innovation at the core with solid partnerships

Four lightweight, interconnected spheres will invite visitors to discover the essence of Swiss innovation in a magical atmosphere. An interactive and informative playground will showcase Swiss excellence in innovation and creativity. The rooftop, overlooking the Expo, will be an ideal space to accommodate guests and host events.

The Swiss Pavilion's programme and exhibitions will focus on three central themes, developed in collaboration with the Swissnex network, Swiss innovation players and partner institutions in Switzerland and abroad: These themes will be featured in turn according to the following schedule:

  • Augmented Human (robotics and artificial intelligence, AR/VR): 13 April – 4 June 2025
  • Life (life sciences, education, health and nutrition): 5 June – 12 August 2025
  • Planet (environment, sustainability, climate and energy): 13 August – 13 October 2025

The programme will also be built around the eight theme weeks proposed by the Expo. Switzerland intends to make an active contribution to discussions on global issues, alongside the organisers and the other participating countries.

Officially registered as an Expo Co-Creation Partner, the "vitality.swiss" campaign, organised by the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, the Consulate of Switzerland in Osaka / Swissnex in Japan on the road to Expo, is paving the way by exploring solutions to common challenges such as climate change, global health, an ageing society and digitalisation.

Public-private partnership

The Swiss Pavilion is designed as a platform to promote Switzerland in Japan, with public and private actors representing the country's strengths. Several Swiss companies have confirmed their partnership – in fields such as design (USM), fashion (Bally), fragrance (Firmenich), and gastronomy (Swiss Wine Promotion). Additional confirmations, expected in the near future, will provide a broad overview of the Swiss economy and its quality.

Reinforcing Japanese and Swiss relations

Expo 2025 and the Swiss Pavilion represent a major opportunity to strengthen bilateral relations between Switzerland and Japan and to promote solutions to the major challenges of our time. Japan is not only one of the main drivers of Swiss exports to Asia. It is also Switzerland's most important partner in Asia for scientific research and cooperation, while Switzerland is the eighth largest foreign direct investor in Japan. As the 160th anniversary of bilateral relations is celebrated in 2024, the partnership continues to grow, based on fundamental values such as freedom, democracy and a rules-based international order.

About Swiss Pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai

Produced and curated by Presence Switzerland, the public diplomacy agency of the Swiss government abroad, in collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan and the Swissnex network, the Swiss Pavilion will represent Switzerland at Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai. It aims to showcase Switzerland as an innovative and reliable partner, ready to join forces with other nations to tackle major global challenges. Its concept was developed by the winning team of the architectural competition, NUSSLI (general contractor), Manuel Herz Architekten (architect) and Bellprat Partner (scenography).

For further information:

Japanese: Yuko Takahashi, Deputy Head of Communications and Culture Section, Embassy of Switzerland in Japan / yuko.takahashi@eda.admin.ch Tel.: 03-5449-8437

English: Béatrice Bleuler, Communication Manager, Swiss Pavilion Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai, Presence Switzerland / beatrice.bleuler@eda.admin.ch Tel.: +41 58 485 54 04