Funding for small projects

The application deadline has officially closed, and we are no longer accepting any further applications. We appreciate your interest.

Field visit by the Ambassador
Field visit by the Ambassador © Embassy of Switzerland in Indonesia

The Embassy of Switzerland in Indonesia supports small-scale initiatives by local non-profit organizations and foundations that are active in Indonesia and Timor-Leste, promoting human rights and development.

Grant sum: min. 15 kCHF (approx. 260 mio IDR)
Project duration: up to 8 months
Eligible partners: all non-profit civil society organizations in Indonesia or Timor-Leste

Goals and objectives

The Embassy of Switzerland in Indonesia provides financial support to selected small-scale initiatives by local non-profit organizations and foundations promoting human rights and development in Indonesia and Timor-Leste. Projects aligning with the thematic focus areas of the South East Asia Strategy 2023-2026 and/or the human rights priorities outlined in the Guidelines on Human Rights 2021-2024 will be considered for support. These areas include:

  • Protection of Minorities and Vulnerable Groups: Projects benefiting women and disadvantaged groups (e.g., persons with disabilities, linguistic, religious, and ethnic minorities, migrants, forcibly displaced persons, and children) are encouraged to apply.
  • Freedom of Expression: Support for the protection and recognition of human rights defenders, media workers, the press, as well as the realization of human rights through peaceful protests and freedom of expression in the digital space. Promote democracy.
  • Abolition of the Death Penalty: Support organizations and actors working to abolish the death penalty.
  • Prevention of Torture and Ill-Treatment: Strengthen civil-society actors working to ensure compliance with the ban on torture and support the monitoring of places of detention.


  • The call is open to all non-profit civil society organizations in Indonesia or Timor-Leste.
  • Please note that the following projects cannot be supported:
    • Projects from profit-oriented organizations (e.g., international organizations and government institutions).
    • Projects with religious purposes (although the applying organization or group may have a religious background).
    • Projects solely consisting of material supply.
    • Projects benefiting selected individuals, scholarships or study visits to Switzerland, advisory missions of foreign experts, as well as simple collections, donations, and sponsorships by individuals.
    • The same organization cannot be repeatedly supported.


Call launch    16 October 2023
Application Deadline    30 November 2023
Decision    Mid-December 2023
Funding decision and signature of contracts    Mid-January 2024
Earliest Project Start    Mid-January 2024
Latest Project Start    Early February 2024
Latest Project End    31 October 2024
Final Reports Submission    30 November 2024
Final Reports Review    Mid-December 2024
Final Disbursement    Mid-December 2024

Application Process

The application must be submitted online with the following attachments:

  • Completed budget proposal.
  • Latest annual report.
  • Scanned copy of registration and audit reports (compiled into a single PDF form).

Incomplete applications will not be considered.