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Our new initiative "Swiss it!" – with the new logo designed as a luggage tag – will take us and our partners on a journey. A journey with a Swiss touch, building on characteristics and competencies of “the Swiss way of doing things”: quality, precision, reliability, inclusiveness, diversity, sustainability, the ability to innovate, a strong sense of solid craftsmanship within a highly globalised world, visionary thinking while acting pragmatically. The Swiss it! journey will take us through topics and activities linked to science and technology, innovation, education, skills, business, economics, artificial intelligence, governance, arts, environment, transport and connectivity.

The new initiative aims to highlight Switzerland not only as a global leader in business, research and cross cutting technologies but also as an innovator in good governance, art and social inclusion. For the benefit of Swiss-Indian relations, the series of public events will focus on creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators, actively shaping the future of both countries.


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